Thursday, February 11, 2016

Planemaker's floats

For those of you that make your own planes, or want to make planes, you'll soon discover that floats are one of the essential tools for this. After scouring the Internet here are all of the links, articles, videos and howto's that I could find. This is for my own long-term memory but if it helps others, great!

And one of these days I'll post reviews on the various methods of making them and if it's worth it compared to just buying them. If you find other sites that are interesting and should be added here let me know in the comments section below.

Now on to it...

Commercial floats to buy

  • Lie Nielsen - They list both planemakers and joinery floats but they're all useful for plane making.
  • Lee Valley - They sell the Iwasaka floats as well as the files that are actually floats.
  • Philly Planes - They sell their own floats.
  • Liogier - Seemingly nice floats for sale here.

Articles to help you make your own

General info on floats

Other stuff

Plane making classes

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