Thursday, October 20, 2016

Part time plane restorer & maker

Pirate Plane Co is looking to hire a part-time assistant plane restorer and builder, we're growing and would like others to join us in that process. Due to the part time nature of the position we understand there are other work requirements and are willing to accommodate off-hours schedules. This could be used to augment current income, evenings and weekends are fine. We are currently offering 10-12 hours per week and as we grow additional there will be additional work that would increase our needs to around 25 hours per week.

Previous experience with restoring hand planes is a plus but any previous metal/tool restoration work can satisfy our requirements. Given the business we're in we understand there aren't many people out there with this experience so we are willing to teach the plane process to a dedicated individual.

Basic qualifications & experience are:

  • Metalworking
    • Media blasting
    • Paint stripping
    • Japanning & painting
    • Tap & die work
    • Basic metal cutting, filing, sanding and grinding
    • Hardening & tempering tool steel (O1)
    • Sharpening & honing tool blades
    • Vertical mill experience, CNC is a plus but not required
  • Woodworking
    • Turning
    • Band saw use
    • Planing, both electric and manual
    • Table saw use, rip and crosscut
    • Creating mortises by hand using chisels
  • General & soft skills
    • Prompt and punctual
    • Detail oriented
    • Customer focused
    • Willingness and ability to quickly learn new skills
    • Comfortable in a small home shop environment
This would be a great opportunity for someone to learn or grow their restoration skills and over time learn how to hand make wood planes. Pay is commensurate to experience but will be in the $15-$20/hr range to start. 

Must be willing to sign an NDA and 3 year post-employment non-compete agreement. The position is in our Willow Springs location, my garage shop.

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